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Fitness Center

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Download the Membership Form                   Download the Indemnity Waiver Form

  • Fitness center equipment
  • Fitness center equipment
  • Fitness center equipment

Fees and Access:

Single $120 (yr) or $60 (6 mo) -- Family $180 (yr) or $90 (6 mo)


Family is defined as immediate family living in the same household (spouse, dependent children aged 12-22). A completed membership form, signed indemnity waiver form, and membership fee are required before access is granted. Fees are paid annually or semi-annually with no refund for unused time. Fees include one (1) fob access key. Additional keys are $5. The fob will allow access to the building and the fitness room. Keys are programmed by user and only allow access during fitness center hours. Cameras are used and all access is recorded. Only individuals with paid memberships should have access to the fob or the fitness center. Violation of this policy will terminate entire membership.


Mornings (Monday-Friday) 5:00 AM-7:30 AM

Evenings (Monday-Friday) 5:30 PM- 10:00 PM

Weekends (Saturday/Sunday) 5:00 AM-10:00 PM

In the event of a school event or other facility activity, the fitness center may be closed. Signs will be posted to notify members of the closure.


• Access is granted solely to the fitness center and walking track. Access to other parts of the building is prohibited.

• Restroom use is limited to the restroom located in the fitness room.

• No showers are available. The locker rooms are for student use only.

• No food or drink is allowed in the fitness center. Bottled water is permitted.

• No alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs may be brought onto premises.

• Do not block doorways or fire exits. Doors cannot be propped open.

• Unauthorized persons are not allowed in fitness center.

• Minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent. No exceptions.

• No one under the age of 12 is allowed in the fitness center (6th grade and up).

• Turn off lights, music, TV, and motorized equipment when leaving.

• If equipment is broken or needs repair, notify the office immediately.

• Use of facilities is without supervision or instruction by school personnel.

• Individuals should follow all equipment instructions, posted signs and should use appropriate safety techniques.

• User agrees to be responsible for any physical damage or loss to premises, except for normal wear and tear, caused by user or user’s participants.

• Fees must be paid and indemnity waiver must be on file before using the fitness center.

• At the end of the membership period, the fob card(s) must be returned or a $5 fee per card will be paid.